jurijuice (1722) / Kasia13 (1691) ®

"Terrible camping map causes sleepy play and then... dwarfs win over mass spear company :<" ~jurijuice

[27/02] Bast has become a member of the Top 10.
[26/02] Stastnesis is to be found in the Top 20.
[26/02] Kasia13 is now over 1700 Elo points.
[25/02] potyi-HUN is now over 1600 Elo points.
[20/02] Scaramush broke the border to 1800 Elo points.


Regarding ShadowVeil

ShadowVeil has been banned from the Ladder due to repeated blatant cheating. Please be wary of any new ladder accounts created that are very good at the game as that is probably SV making an alias. I'd like to apologize to the ladder community that this rampant cheating was not taken care of sooner.


- Cackfiend

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