Lich_Lord (2028) / Zinnsoldat (1681) ®

"Loy over Dwarves on Kesorak. My first day offensive has mixed results with 4 losses to each side, but I manage to sneak a cavalry past enemy lines to steal some villages. Come second day and I advance in full force while Zinn\'s units are distracted by my village robbing cavalry. I wished we could\'ve finished the fight, but Zinn forfeited after two thunderers missed their shots and were left exposed." ~Lich_Lord

[25/08] wtf_is_this broke the border to 1600 Elo points.
[24/08] ElderofZion has ascended to the heady heights of 2100 Elo points.
[21/08] Bonobo has fought plenty to become one of the Top 5.
[21/08] Lich_Lord roared into the Top 20.
[18/08] Caritas is now over 2100 Elo points.


Era for Ladder

Just a reminder from the FAQ:

Currently the only legit era is the Default one. No other eras are accepted.

If games are found to be played with any other Era those games will be removed and repeat offenders banned.


- Cackfiend

Security Breach


This is just to inform everyone that back in Nov/Dec the ladder website experienced a security breach that exposed users\' emails and passwords of their registered accounts. Please make sure to change your password for your account here:

Also, in case you didn\'t catch it, I created a Wesnoth Ladder public FB group if any Ladder players are interested in joining

- Cackfiend

Wesnoth Ladder Facebook Group

I created a Wesnoth Ladder public FB group if any Ladder players are interested in joining

- Cackfiend

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