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"Orcs vs dwarves on Freelands. The orcs held a forward position on one flank, and the dwarves came in to drive them out at dawn, but good rng allowed orc to stay and continue to pressure the flank for another 2 nights. some big blunders by dwarves later helped orcs to maintain the advantage and eventually close out the game." ~foreverfighter

[19/07] Danniel_BR says there's only a few left to beat and enters the Top 5.
[18/07] Mee has ascended to the heady heights of 1900 Elo points.
[18/07] LeadFox has ascended to the heady heights of 1700 Elo points.
[17/07] MYFH is now a part of the Top 20.
[17/07] Danniel_BR has fought plenty to become one of the Top 5.


Bug Fixes underway

You may notice "Chains and GregTest" appear in low rankings in the ladder. These two accounts are test accounts I'm using for bug fixes. What that means for you is that bugs are being fixed! Some recent fixes include,comments now accepting single quotes, admin news functioning again, and the ban function now preventing a player from making match reports.

If you have bug fixes you want to see, or even feature requests, contact me at Greg I can't promise to implement every request, but I'm putting in some Saturdays to get things smoothed out.

Thanks for making Wesnoth great and keep up the great playing!

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