Ben24626 (1912) / vvd (1639) ®

"Elves over drake on Sulla's. My 2nd night attack got unlucky so I retreated ~30g down. On night 3 he left the weak flank uncovered so I side switched and got a kill and a villa. His counter was aggressive so at dawn I stayed and got 2 kills and 4 villas. Thus the typical drake game began (kills/levels vs villas). It was close until he made an error and I lk'ed him. GGWP" ~Ben24626

[08/05] wtf_is_this just entered the Top 20.
[04/05] Ben24626 has ascended to the heady heights of 1900 Elo points.
[27/04] ForPeace roared into the Top 10.
[22/04] Megac1 is now over 2000 Elo points.
[20/04] StonyDrew has ascended to the heady heights of 1800 Elo points.


Ladder Tournament #5

Ladder Tournament #5 has begun! Please use the Test Era for this tournament so we can continue to test balancing changes.

Round 1

Ben24626 vs KhorneflakesBA

SkyEnd vs Haldiel

vvd vs plk2

Danniel_BR vs Zvhxii

Darkkey vs Airo

clmates vs halder

StonyDrew vs Caritas

Hjalte vs DanieleMurgioni

Xplorer vs Weiming_Liu

Megac1 vs zq5

kingofwars vs Krogen

MYFH vs --- Bye ---

Ladder Tournament #5

Ladder Tournament #5 will begin Friday, January 26th 2024.

Please register here:

In the next few weeks please play ladder matches with the Ladder Test Era to test the new balance changes as I would like to see if it would be best to use those changes for this tournament. Thank you.

In case you missed the results of Ladder Tournament #4:


#1 SkyEnd vs #8 halder 2-0
#4 zq5 vs #5 diomed 0-2

#3 Caritas vs #6 Danniel_BR 2-1
#2 DanieleMurgioni vs #7 Krogen 2-1


#1 SkyEnd vs #5 diomed 2-0
#3 Caritas vs #2 DanieleMurgioni 2-0

The Finals

#1 SkyEnd vs #3 Caritas 3-1

Congratulations to SkyEnd for taking down the tournament and unseating Krogen as the reigning champ.

Ladder Tournament #4


Ladder Tournament #4 starts September 22nd. Sign up here:

In case you missed the Ladder Tournament #3 results:


1. zvhxii vs 5. DanieleMurgioni 2-0
2. megac1 vs 6. Krogen 1-2


1. zvhxii vs 6. Krogen 2-3

Congratulations to Krogen, the reigning champ of all three Ladder tournaments thus far!

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