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"cant undo after misclick"ladder era introduce". Fuck" ~MYFH

[21/07] newbieA is to be found in the Top 10.
[20/07] MYFH has but one obstacle to become the champion and takes 3rd place.
[20/07] kingofwars is now king of the hill and ranked number 1!
[09/07] LeadFox is right behind the leader at 2nd place.
[27/06] Kendoka just entered the Top 10.


New Fork and More.

As you probably already know, Rigor is very excited about the new ladder project and has used his privileges on this ladder to announce the new project in a way that negatively affects the ladder. In fact, he claimed that this ladder is shut down... which is simply not true. As such, I have removed his access to post news and cleaned out the list of posters until I can figure out who the community wants their admins to be. This ladder has been a part of the Wesnoth community for years and isn't going anywhere until long after you guys are done using it. As long as you, the community, want to play it, I'll make sure the ladder is up and running smoothly.

I am excited about the new fork, though I wish its developers added to our existing ladder rather than starting from scratch. I am extremely open to giving any interested developer full commit access, and I'm happy to share copies of the ladder data for development, testing, or even forking. Not only does making the ladder better improve Wesnoth, it provides an open, Free, competitive ladder that other games can use.

I'd love assistance in adding features you want to see. If you want to add Trueskill, or you just want to add your own features, feel free to email patches to me at: greg(at) Or, browse the code base here:

For more information on the new ladder project, the features as described by Rigor are:
TrueSkill rating system
Automated extraction of relevant game parameters
Better control over passwords, news, and modification of games
Extended interface for all users with statistics, curves, comment board and more.

You can find the ladder here:
Ladder8 HeroKuapp

Which one should you play? Got me, play both if you'd like.

~Greg Aka Chains

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