DanieleMurgioni (1994) / KhorneflakesBA (1632) ®

"BG - Ladder_threeWLT#1_DanieleMurgioni_vs_KhorneFlakes_R3" ~DanieleMurgioni

[11/08] KhorneflakesBA roared into the Top 10.
[07/08] Danniel_BR has but one obstacle to become the champion and takes 3rd place.
[07/08] SkyEnd broke the border to 2300 Elo points.
[07/08] vvd flew into the Top 10.
[05/08] clmates just entered the Top 10.


Ladder Era

Hello everyone! I am excited to announce the release of the Ladder Era. It may be used for Ladder games, however it is currently not mandatory. Please download the add-on, join the Ladder Forum at the bottom of this page, and give us your feedback!

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